What is OT?

In and around Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset, Occupational Therapists are helping people to live life their own way.

Many people don’t really know what Occupational Therapy is…Something to do with work? Something to do with equipment? but the word “occupation” means any activity that we do in our daily lives. We enable people to do what they need and want to in their lives.  This is the art and science of meaningful living.  Here are some examples of what OTs do:

Live at Home:  rehabilitation and training in daily activities such as bathing and cooking; assessment and advice on equipment for independence; recommendations for adapting your home; working with carers and families to promote independence.

Return to Work, Stay in Work: support and strategies for people with depression, brain injury, back injuries, neurological conditions, fatigue, pain and other conditions

Thrive at School: improve sensory, physical, academic, social and emotional abilities, improve handwriting and table-top skills; increase confidence, self esteem, attention and organisational abilities; working with Developmental Coordination Disorder, Dyspraxia, Autism, sensory processing problems, physical disabilities.

Live Well: manage fatigue and improve energy levels; buld resilience and manage stress; manage pain and improve quality of life; manage depression, increase engagement, participation and meaning in life.

Reconstructing Lives: assessment, rehabilitation and case management following accident, injury or illness;  Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) for early intervention; Case management for care packages and rehabilitation; Vocational Assessment and Vocational Case Management, Expert Witness reports for the legal profession.

Whether you are want to an Occupational Therapist to work with you, your patients or clients or a family member, you will find local, experienced OTs on our Find an OT page.  Please contact individual OTs directly to enquire about their services, but if you have a general query, please call 07772267004

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3 thoughts on “What is OT?

  1. Hi I was due to see Nero Physio on 4/08/16 but had to cancel as unwell. The lady O.T said she would phone me the following week but I haven’t heard. I live at 28 Perrycroft RD Bishopsworth and my tel. no is 07824832714.

    Many Thanks

    Janet Cocking (Jan)

    1. Hi Janet
      Thanks for the message but I am wondering if you are needing the Hospital OT service or the Social Services OT. We are a private service. Do you know the name of the OT you spoke to? Best wishes Jen

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