OTs supporting GPs

GPs….did you know that Occupational Therapists can help your practice by:

  • enabling patients and clients to remain in their own homes
  • reducing the length of hospital stay
  • managing long term conditions and reduce dependency on services
  • helping people to return to work and stay in work
  • reducing your practice’s medical expenditure
  • optimising your resources, time and budget

Occupational therapist use activity analysis of everyday tasks, and performance that have become difficult for a patient. This analysis breaks tasks into its component parts:

  • physical demands ; strength, repetition, speed, balance and sensory elements (hearing, sight, touch)
  • cognitive demands; attention, orientation, memory, planning and problem solving
  • social and behavioural demands; time keeping, social skills, initiative, patience, dealing with consequences and learning from mistakes
  • environmental demands – physical and social
  • motivation and psychological drivers

Working with an Occupational Therapist can enhance people’s lives in many ways including:

  • enabling a mother with depression to reengage with activities that will enable her to manage work and care for her family
  • supporting people with pain and fatigue to remain in work
  • assisting a teenager with a physical disability to live independently
  • enabling older people to remain at home by improving safety, retaining independence and reducing falls

Find a local Occupational Therapist to see how we can support and enhance your practice.

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