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Jen Gash Artist, Occupational Therapist, CoachM223059_gash_od-29

Working with adults, Jen is a highly experienced OT and coach who specializes in supporting  people with “hidden” challenges such as mental health problems, ADD, fatigue, mood disorders, sensory integration issues and also highly creative individuals who struggle.

Jen’s expertise includes coaching (life, business and executive) fatigue management,  managing mood and anxiety, returning to and flourishing at work, increasing personal effectiveness/organisation and helping people adapt to change.

Jen carries out individual and groupwork and is based in North Bristol. Email: or tel: 07772267004 you can download her profile and CV here: Jen Gash Profile and CV

Suzi Sandford, Occupational Therapist: working with families affected by Autism. IMG_0713

Suzi’s adult brother is on the spectrum and her experience within her own family sits at the heart of her work. Suzi’s expertise includes parent wellbeing support programmes and enhancing learning environments for children with complex needs. She carries out family centred individual and group work.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Telephone: 07725837455 Email: Website:

Fiona Reeks Occupational Therapist, works with/for individuals, charities, case managers, solicitors and housing associations to enable clients to live as independently as possible.  Specialities: adaptations (including Disabled Facilities Grant applications in Bristol area), equipment to assist independence, wheelchairs and seating,  Most of her work experience over 30yrs has been with adults.

Fiona is based in Taunton, Somerset and also covers North Somerset, Bristol, South Gloucestershire, basically anywhere within 2hrs travel time from Taunton.  website :  Email:  or tel: 07799 852655

Frances Digby  After qualifying as an Occupational therapist in 2005 I worked in a community social services team and also for a short time in a hospital environment.  My social services role provided me with substantial experience in carrying a complex case load which involved assessment and care planning including writing concise reports for clients who required home adaptations and specialist equipment.

I presently continue to practice in the area of home adaptations and specialist equipment in my role as an occupational therapist in a Disabled Living Centre. This role has enabled me to extend my skill base to include indoor and outdoor assessment of walking aids.

My experience includes working with adults from 18 – 65 years and also older adults over 65 years who have physical and cognitive disabilities which may include sensory impairment.  I further have experience with clients who have a wide variety of long and short term neurological and musculoskeletal disorders as well as with clients who are brain injured.  Over time the number of clients on my case loads with dementia or with memory issues has increased considerably. This development triggered my acceptance of a one year contract concentrating in this area which has considerably increased my competence in assessment of and communication with people with dementia. This has subsequently proved invaluable in all my roles as for example, when working as a re-ablement occupational therapist which employed my skills in rehabilitation techniques.

Bristol based, will travel. For more information call 0117 9090034  email

Elaine Hollerhead is an Occupational Therapist who has over 30 years experience working in local government and the NHS, mainly in the Community. She also has a Diploma in Professional Interior Design and in 2011 set up an Independent OT and Interior Design Consultancy.

DESIGNATE is a specialist service for adults with disabilities. It aims to provide a high quality, prompt, readily accessible, assessment and design service and to dispel the myth disabled environments are necessarily bland and depressing.

The service is possibly unique as one highly-skilled dual – trained Occupational Therapist is able to undertake fully holistic assessments of need and Interior Design. The Consultancy is dedicated to ‘empowering’ the individual to achieve aspirational living and therefore places the client at the heart of the design process. Working directly with the client, family, carers and associated agencies, the Occupational Therapist will create colourful practical, exciting environments tailored to the individual’s choice and specific needs.

Designs will maximise current and predicted future functional ability, social interaction and inclusion, contain the ‘wow factor’’ and add value to property prices. Wherever possible high street products will be used, but if disability products are necessary these will be kept to a minimum.

The service is Bristol-based but is UK wide and covers the full spectrum of disability from minimal difficulties (e.g. early onset arthritis) to complex needs (e.g. sudden trauma or end of life care) It accommodates all budgets and requirements and input ranges from advice on simple de-cluttering to extensive home adaptations or re-housing.

Referrals are accepted from the public and professionals and hourly, day and single room design rates are available. For a free initial discussion and further details please contact Elaine Hollerhead direct or view the website  Contact details: Mobile: 07557 309466  email:   


4 thoughts on “Find an OT

  1. Hello, I am an adoption support worker employed by above county council. We have a number of children who have a sensory processing disorder who I think would benefit from an assessment and follow up work.
    Would anyone be interested in working with family’s in Gloucestershire?
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. Hi Alison
      Thanks for getting in touch. I am not a sensory OT but have you spoken with Linda Plowden, an SI OT in Bristol who probably has helpful contacts? Her website is and her mobile is 0117 9079189 or 07887 366747. Susi Sandford might also be able to help as she does some work in SGlos her email address is . The other thought is to go to the COTSS-IP website which has a listing of independent OTs. Hope that helps somewhat

  2. Hi there, I am a swimming teacher looking to retrain as an occupational therapist. I am looking for some observation experience if that is at all possible. Or if not, if I could be pointed in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Tina.

    1. Hi there. Sorry but the best thing to do Tina is probably to contact the local hospitals and mental health teams or the social care OTs. I don’t work in a way that would give you the insight you need. Good luck – Jen

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